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INSTACUBE - Stream your feed / Novidade!!!

O Instacube é um dispositivo criado para acompanhar fotos de suas redes sociais (Instagram e Facebook), podendo compartilhar usando simples botões...

Uma das grandes vantagens é a possibilidade de carregar fotos em alta qualidade, uma vez que o instagram em um despositivo móvel permite apenas 600x600 pixels

Para saber mais entre no site: www.goinstacube.com

Instagram: @goinstacube

" #instacube share more than pictures, share paxion, feelings, momments #goinstacube "
instacube smile picture 1024x1001 About Instacube
Instacube is the living canvas for your Instagram and Facebook photos. Finally liberated from your smart devices, Instacube passively streams the candids of your friends, family and favorite people to you throughout the day. Photos are streamed in real-time, wirelessly at three times the size of the average smart phone.
b6cfffb1cd159dc32bf7566ffdbfebaa large About Instacube
Instacube was designed by D2M | Design to Matter in the heart of Silicon Valley. Instacube was successfully crowdfunded on September 21st, 2012, raising over $600,000 on Kickstarter. The team of engineers and designers here as well in our D2M office in Hong Kong are supporting the ramp up to manufacturing and distribution of Instacube.


Instagrams at Full Resolution

Full Size Photos! Instagrams are 600×600 pixels and our display is optimized for square photos of this size. You’ll be streaming your favorite feeds all day in the way that the iPhonographers in your life intended you to see them- big, beautiful and in real-time!

Instacube D2M Whaley John Citrus About InstacubeRuns on Android

Who doesn’t love an open door policy? We’re focusing our efforts on optimizing the Instagram experience on Instacube first, but as well roll out facebook integration and our partnership with SmartThings, we know it’s only the beginning of what lies ahead for Instacube. We are listening to your suggestions and hope to announce new partnerships and features throughout 2013!
db41754f128413860e01213a088216f3 large About Instacube

Connects to Wi-Fi

Hosting an Event? Throwing a party? Taking Instacube to a picnic in the park? Never fear, it doesn’t need to be connected to power or Ethernet- Instacube runs on a rechargeable Li batter and connects via wifi. When you’re out of internet range, Instacube reverts to streaming your “liked” photo library.
4af55f9590a8fabd3e54ee9044231d43 large About Instacube

How it works

We believe in intuitive and simple UI at D2M and have designed Instucube with those principals in mind.                          Three Step Set-up to Use Instacube for the First time:
  • Plug it in via wall outlet for USB
  • Connect to wifi
  • Log in to Instagram and/or Facebook & Enjoy!
 About Instacube

Three Simple Buttons

  • The Circle Button powers instacube
  • The Grid Button allows you to toggle between single photo & tile mode, as well as between Instagram and Facebook feeds.
  • The heart button allows you to “like” the photos you love
The touch-screen allows for increased functionality, “back side of the photo” viewing and well as the ability to bypass the photos you don’t want to see.

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