segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2012

GoodBye South Africa and Welcome to Brazil...

I always did sports, but just in climbing I found the best vibe in the world of sports, because climbing isn’t just sports, is a life style and just who do it understand it, I’m so glad for 2 people whom helped me to find it, they’re Patrick and Dunada, thanks a lot my friends!

Climbing on the Table Mountain (Trad):
 Photo: Neels Havenga

Hiking up on the Table Mountain with Tim:

For 4 months and half I'd been living some dreams in South Africa and I got to feel the real freedom that I was looking for in my life.

What were these dreams?

Firstly was meet a lot of climbers, not just climbers and Yes good friends that I have a huge debt, because these friends showed me the real spirit of climbing and more, they paid attention in my difficults with the language and corrected some mistakes in my pronunciation or grammar.

Feijoada's day at the Yellow House:

Epic party, hehehehe:

Furthermore, they were with me to climb on the rock in all kinds of climbing (Boulder, Sport Climbing, Multi pich sport climbing and Trad), all these moments with these friends were magic.

Last time in RockLand (with special people):

Thanks a lot my friends: Rach, Simon, Kathi, Warren, Paul, Geoff, Cameron, Darryn, Gareth, Amber, Henrik, Marthinus, Craig, Sheldon, Brandon, Cliff, Ryan, Lara, Annika, Lee, Neels...

Another dream that I liked so much to live was to study at the language school Let’s Learn English, where I met also good people and they were essential to me understand more about the English language and the life.

Few minutes before go back to Brazil in the School:

Thanks so much: Ann, Mike, Josh and my classmates.

And to finish I’ll to write about my experience on free solo HighLine...

Free Solo HighLine Chapman's Peak:

The good vibe with Cameron and Darryn (HighLine Chapman's Peak):

Why do free solo HighLine, I have just one word for it, FREEDOM, this is one of the best feeling that I’ve been feeling in my life, and I can feel it just when I’m on the HighLine without security, so extreme and so dangerous, but I know about all stuff that can happen if I fall, I’m not crazy, I just want to live my life intense, I can do it, I can overcome my limits and I want to live many and many years, because I love my life, my family and my friends...

Free Solo HighLine on the Table Mountain:
The Team of HighLine on the Table Mountain (Andrew, Joff and I):
Finished the trip, but I'm sure a piece of my heart is in South Africa, I never forget everything that I lived there, thanks a lot my friends!!!

Coming in Brazil:

I don’t need a lot of things in my life, just my stuff of climbing and highlining, food and ticket to go to where I want...This is the real dream!!!

The life is good, thanks everybody!!!     

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