quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012


Before of have gone to RockLands, I went to climb some sport routes in the “Higgovale Quarry” with Rachel, Simon and Annika. This crag is inside of Cape Town, close to the Table Mountain.

Simon climbing on Higgovale Quarry:
During the climbing, I saw a possibility to set a new HighLine between 2 trees.
Photo by Geoffrey

This HighLine was in my mind for some days, and when I came back to Cape Town from RockLands, I invited Craig Burden, who is very excited to walk on HighLine as well.

At the next weekend, his parents drop us off at the Higgovale Quarry, I was a little bit ancious, because I didn’t remeber clearly about the 2 trees.
However, when we arrived there the place is perfect for the HighLine, It isn’t the most beautiful (Quarry), but the Table Mountain that is behind do it special!

We spent a few hours to set up this HighLine of Higgovale Quarry (L=20m/H=20m), just on 2 trees, amazing, no boults. I love natural protection, hehehehehe!!!

When we finished of set up the HighLine, I realised that the line didn’t was flat, though it up set when walking, but it wasn’t a big problem...

Craig tried to walk, he got to stand up, but the adrenalin said more louder and he catched the line, but was really impressive to see him wanting walk on the line. 

Craig on the HighLine:
After of have crossed this HighLine many times, I was very comfortable to without my security and float in the air (Free Solo HighLine).


This sentence came in my mind again, I was close to feel again that amazing feeling, but this HighLine for me was a little bit scared to free solo, because you don’t have 3m of rock under the line before the cliff, so do you have to sit and stand up with 20m height, Ihuuuuuuuuuuu...

So, now I musn’t fall. I stood up without security, my heart accelerated, I had that put out one of my foot on the line to correct my equilibrium, I repeated this movement 4 times, this thing in free solo highline is very scared, but after that, I had the control and enjoyed that unique moment, where I can feel the freedom.

Free solo HighLine - Higgovale Quarry (L=20m/H=20m):
Photo by Geoffrey

Again I just crossed doing free solo highline one way!!! 

To finish this nice day, I resolved to do a swingline, was very funny when I started, I swung 2 times, but the ring moved close to the rock, I crashed on the rocks and injured my ankle, I almost broke it (I was very stupid), the next I’ll plan better!!! 

SwingLine, Ihuuuuuu:

Thanks a lot Craig and Geoffrey, that was there helping me!!!

The life is good, with the freedom on the HighLine is much better!!!              

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