quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2011

My First Month in Cape Town

In my first month in Cape Town, many things happend, now I can explain better about my life here.

I arrived alone in Cape Town, just booked my school and my room in a big orange house. For me, staying alone was the best choice that I made, because for everything, you have to use your English. Some people in Brazil told me that there were many brazilians and it would be bad for me to learn English. However, this isn’t true, I haven’t seen any Brazilians and for me this is the better city for a rock climber to learn English.

I don't know what side to look (trip to Montagu):

I think the luck to be with me, because I have always met good people in this place and these people have always help me in this trip, such as:

- my teacher (Ann);

- my best rock climbing friend (Rachel):

- my classmate (Birenim):

My life here is to study English, to rock climb and to cook. This is a dream!!!

I’m very happy about my school, because feel this course is improving my English. The difference between my first week and my first month is very large. Moreover, in this school there was a good braai, where I prepared my first “Vinagrete” and “brigadeiro”, typical food from Brazil.

I have just some words to write about the rocks, I rock climb a lot...Since I arrived in South Africa I have been rock climbing a lot with good people, good vibe and beautiful places, consequently, I rediscovered my passion for climbing. Here my thought is enjoy the maximum these days on the rocks, for me, doesn’t matter the difficulty, the rock or the place, if I can put my hands on the rocks and climb, it is good!

Many many...rocks!!!

I have visited many places to rock climb, and some things have made an impression on me, such as:

- the sunset at Llandudno is very intense, simply perfect;

Ryan climbing in Sunset:


- the seals I saw for the first time live;

- the wood trails and the many boulders in Topside/Echo Valley;

- the trip to Montagu where I spot climbed, I have just one word to describe this place, Awesome;

Warren and Paul searching for a sector:

Daze of Thunder Wall:

The Scoop:

- my last climb in November was in Silvermine, Thank you Simon, beautiful vertical routes.

To finish my first month in Cape Town, my friend Birenim and I visited Simon’s Town to see the penguins, after that, we went to eat at Kalky’s , this restaurant has the best seafood I have eaten in all my life, delicious. Also, in front of this place, I saw many seals under water, very nice!!!

The Penguin:

Good VIBES and Good CLIMB a lot!!!