quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011

South Africa - Learning English and Rock Climb

After 1 week, I can to talk about living here at Cape Town in South Africa...

I was afraid for come to Cape Town, because my english is not good, I never did class of conversation in english and I Didn't know anybody, but I'm wining this difficulty and I'm loving this place, this rocks and the people!!!

I'm Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood:

my first week in here was very intense, because all things were new for me, the language, the food, the view!!!

In short, I'm very happy, thank you all my friends that gave me force to come here!

My homemade, this is a artwork:

My Class (Multinationality):

But before come to Cape Town, I searched for informations about the climb (http://www.climb.co.za/) and people for take me on the rocks, for my surprise I found Rachel Strate or her found me, she is taking me on the rocks, I'm very happy to climb with her!!!

I went 2 times on the rock in Cape Town:

- The first I went on CBD in Table Mountain
My climb more expressive went when I fall on the end of one boulder V9...

Boulder for to heat:

Rachel at the V9:

End the climb with the Table Mountain shine:

Nice end of afternoon with beautifull sunset!!!

- The second I went on Silvermine
My climb more expressive went when I fall on the end of one boulder V8...

Walking to the boulder:

Relax for "CB":

Rachel climbing one nice boulder - V6:

Mike in one line variation - V6:

I in one boulder awesome - V8:

End the day in family:

I love this day, Thank you Rachel!!!

And to finish my first week I did a hike on the Lion's Head with Nienke, Joel and other friends, thanks!!!

On the Top of Lion's Head:


3 comentários:

celso disse...

nice!!!! where are the other posts? too busy?

take care. good job on the english btw.

Alexandre Venturin disse...

cool bro!

I'm trying to accomplish something like that: going to Ireland to study english and looking for an apartment near a climbing wall - I've found many in Dublin!

Well, can you give me some tips? I wanna buy a longer slack, but I don't know whats the best line and the best tension tools (best in $$$ to!). I can easily walk in a 10m line (walk thru it 4 times in a row) in a 50mm.

Any advice can help me!
continue with the blog, helps me to keep motivated! throw somt tips too!
Keep posting in english. You'll get better and better and laugth a lot in the future!!!

Wish you a good vibe there!

Armitag3 disse...

"Foi uma honra para subir com você." ^_^
I hope that is right.